Priya Nandani

11. March 2014

Hey guys, I have my own beauty and fashion website. Please go check it out and if you have a bloglovin account please go follow me it would mean alot to me. Go heck it out.

7. March 2014

I started my own personal beauty blog where I post every day.

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There’s nothing better then a Chanel Bag. 
CC certified. 
I’m not one to spend a lot of money on make up. I usually stick to drug store makeup but there is the exception to Chanel. I truly have a weakness for Chanel lipsticks. I see a new colour and I just need to buy it. I really think it’s worth the money considering in NZ drugstore brands can cost as much as high end brands. 
Chanel No5

Stay classy ladies. 

We all know that one person we want to say this too but never have the courage to.